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red rose woman, what do men look for in a wife, man magnet, dating help, dating tricksRed Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You

What is that thing that certain women possess that make them enchantresses?


A modern enchantress is 100% feminine (sensual, soft, emotional and tender) and at the same time she is independent and confident.  She has Female Fire.


She innately gets that her job in a relationship is to make her man feel like the best man that he can be.  She knows that her love is like water and his pride like a cork, rising higher and higher with her adoration and support.


The original enchantresses of the Round Table knew how to make alpha males into chivalrous, gallant knights.  They knew how to use their Female Fire to make them better warriors and better humans, at the same time.


building intimacy, chivalry, dating advice for women, enchant a man, female sensuality, how to be affectionate in a relationship, how to be intimate, how to be more intimate, how to be sensual, how to get a man to be more affectionate, how to get affection, how to listen better, how to make him want you, how to make your husband more affectionate, how to touch him, intimacy and relationships, intimate woman, make him crave you, make him want you, mkae him crave you, use intimacy to make him fall in love, what is intimacyAn enchantress puts a love spell on her man, making him surrender his male freedoms to be with her and be loved by her.  But she never takes his weakness for her love for granted.  She is 100% appreciative and humble.  She knows that her good grace will keep him happy and hungry for more of her love potion!


This woman is inside you and she is waiting for you to unleash her into the world of eager men– men who restlessly long for your love spell!


Red Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You will show you how to offer him the kind of love that will never bore him, the kind of love that will make him grow up, face his responsibilities and love you the way you deserve.


Ready to make that special man into your brilliant knight?
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Goddess Love Help: Getting Grounded When He Pulls Back!

getting grounded, when he pulls back, he needs space, love help, kristina marchant, relationship problems

Goddess Love Help gets you feeling secure with yourself and your circumstances no matter what he’s doing!


So you’re dating a great guy and all of the sudden he needs space.  Maybe his distancing feels out-of-the-blue, or maybe you’ve been sensing that he’s been slowly pulling back.  What do you do? What do you say?  The best goddess love help I can offer you is to stop worrying about what to do and what to say.


The more you chase him, strategize, stress and worry about his actions and his response, the more you are pushing him away.


Playing Hard To Get Doesn’t Work


First let me clarify that goddess love help NEVER involves playing games.  Games don’t work.  Games are useless because they don’t address the underlying issues that force you to play games in the first place.


When you play games (silent treatment, feigning indifference, going hot then cold, etc.) you gain a man’s attention; however, the reconnection is short lived.  Usually he will just take space again after a few weeks or months, and you will be forced to play games again.


Playing games puts you on a disheartening hamster wheel; games don’t bring you and him closer (playing games actually does the opposite because games play off of a man’s abandonment issues); games destroy your self-esteem.


Your participating in games sends a direct message to the areas of your brain that manage your self-worth: “I have to pretend not to care about this man and manipulate his feelings because I am not loveable just as I am, when I am just being myself.”


And you are loveable just as you are!  You become someone you aren’t when you try too hard with games and that’s not attractive.


Goddess Love Help Is All About Being One With The Universe


Buddhists believe in The Oneness:  the theology that all living things are of the same thread of God—that the loving energy that has created you is the same that has created me and so on.  We are all connected and that connection (that endless energy, like a thread) is God.


My goddess love help makes use of The Oneness.


confidence with men, stability in love, love help, when he takes spaceRight now he is pulling back from you and you are panicking.  You love him and don’t want to lose this amazing man.  You’re playing every scenario over in your head, wondering where you went wrong—what you said or did to push him away.


But you will never know what you did wrong… or even if his distancing had anything to do with you at all.  In fact, in many cases, a man’s emotional distancing has to do with his emotional unavailability more than it has to do with a woman’s behavior in the dating relationship.


So it’s best to stop analyzing and worrying about what you did wrong or what you can do to change things.  It’s best to stop worrying about him as much as possible.


But how do you take the focus off him?  You do it by embracing The Oneness and gathering strength, peace of mind and loving energy from the world around you.


Next time you feel compelled to reach out to him and fix the issues between you both, take a deep breath instead and allow the strength of The Oneness to soothe and replenish you:


Go fro a walk and take a look at the natural world around you: the rustling trees that have spread their roots over this earth for decades before you were born; the tiny roses that seduce bees, butterflies and hummingbirds with their potent fragrance; the little weeds that struggle to sprout between the wedges in the sidewalk…


Take energy from each of these things.  Feel your heart expanding with love, life and perseverance.  Feel your connection to these life systems and allow yourself to ‘just be’ as they are ‘just being’ in that moment:


The tiny roses don’t try and seduce the insects, they just do.  They exist and naturally function as they were meant to function.  You were meant to just be in the moment and live in that awareness without stress about the future or past.  This is your way of seducing a man.


Getting Grounded—Avoiding Pulling Energy


The more you feel the power of The Oneness and the more you can ‘just be’ among the loving energy that is all around you, the less you will pull your man toward you.


goddess love help, feeling grounded, dating advice for women, relationship problemsSee, he can feel your pulling energy.  He can sense it even without being in your physical presence.  It lingers in every text, email and phone call.


He has pulled away to get relief from this energy.  It’s very smothering and he doesn’t have to the tools (a lot of men don’t) to help ease your distress that is causing your pulling energy.


This doesn’t mean that you have pushed him away—he could be so sensitive to a woman’s emotional needs that the slightest pulling energy on a woman’s part scares him.  This kind of man is called emotionally unavailable and there is nothing you can do to change him from being this way.


Some men are not emotionally unavailable, they just don’t know how to process and deal with a woman’s pulling energy.  They run away (temporarily or permanently) instead of communicating what they think and need.


Nourish Your Heart With The Universe Instead Of Through Him


Finding your grounding and feeding off the energy of the universe takes the burden off him.  He stops feeling like you are dragging him down (pulling him under) with needs and demands.


When you can BOUNCE BACK from a fight…  when you can stop sweating the small stuff…  when you can remove yourself from the drama of the relationship and find your way back to a loving, peaceful heart…  when you can surrender and not try and control his thoughts and feelings… that’s when you will find true love.


That’s when the question becomes—Is HE mature enough for MY emotional maturity and newfound ability to love and share intimacy?  And if the answer is ‘no’, you will let him go as easily as you would a leaf into a river.


Check out my Love Advice Newsletter and transform your life and the way you think about love. It’ll show you the significance of SURRENDER and ‘going with the flow’.  It will also give you the self-esteem to NATURALLY seek out great men.


Dating Advice For Women: What Do Men Look For In A Wife?

what do men look for in a wife, dating advice for women, love help,

Asking the question, what do men look for in a wife is like asking what do people look for in a family pet.  Men have different tastes and different ideas of what defines a partnership.  Just like how some families prefer a low-maintenance goldfish over a high-maintenance Daschund —one man’s dream gal could be another man’s nightmare date.


What Do Men Look For In A Wife?  Calm.


Regardless of the various tastes in women out there, the two things I do think most men look for in a wife are consistency and serenity.  Most men tire quickly of women who are moody and overemotional.  Think about your own perferences in relationships?  Don’t you enjoy the company of friends who put you at ease and are easy to be with?


So what stops a woman from exhibiting consistently serene emotions and a calm vibe?… Answer– Investing too much time and energy in things you can’t control and things that are negative. 


Pacify Your Anxiety, Embrace Goddess Energy & Surrender


You can’t control a man’s behavior and his feelings.  You can’t control the fact that you don’t know what he’s really thinking.  You can ask him but at a certain point you have to stop prying/assuming and surrender control over managing him and the relationship.


You CAN control your behavior and you can share your feelings and needs.  You can communicate honestly and directly with a man and you can make the decision not to pursue a relationship that doesn’t work for you.


Take A Moment NOW To Surrender…


Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  When you release your breath, allow your need to control to leave your body with the air.  Repeat to yourself that you don’t have power over any one man’s will and feelings and that you have to respect the wishes and needs of every man. 


Tell yourself over and over that what a man looks for in a wife is less important that the question, what do I look for in a husband?  Remind yourself that you have the power to choose, instead of thinking that a certain man is your only option.


Make a promise to yourself that you will prioritize SELF-LOVE– that you will worry less about a man’s reasons and more about your choices.  Tell yourself that you will express your feelings to men instead of waste time and energy asking friends what they think men are thinking.  Tell yourself that you will make the decision to believe what men tell you and not have blind faith that they love you when they say they aren’t interested.


Dating Advice For Women:  Don’t Listen To Pheromones!


What do men look for in a wife?  Someone who knows her personal boundaries and treats men how she wants to treat them instead of how she thinks she has to treat them to keep their interest.


Don’t get caught up in forcing love with some guy you’d rate a 10.  A guy is a 10 when he treats you like a 12!


When you aren’t crazy about a guy, it’s easy to be yourself and demand that he honor your inner goddess.  That confidence should exist no matter who the guy is and what he looks like.  Even if he seems like the man who was put on Earth just for you by God, don’t start wearing the “soulmate crown” before he bestows it on you.


Make a promise to date a few guys at once and to treat the hotties and the “meh”s the same.  Focus on believing in your desirability and not on proving yourself to any man.  Have faith that you are enough without having to do anything to make a man compelled to want you.


If you feel stressed out because of a man and are wondering to yourself– what do men look for in a wife– check out my eBook Red Rose Woman to help liberate you from your worries!  In the book, I will share my 27 Enchantress Secrets with you and help you embrace your inner goddess!  The book’s dating advice for women is all about empowerment and self-love.  It’s all about acting like the woman in the relationship and allowing men to woo and pursue you.  It’s also about knowing when to say; “This men is dwindling my Fire and I deserve more!”



red rose woman, what do men look for in a wife, man magnet, dating help, dating tricks




Learn To Let Go Of The Host Voice & Its Power Over You

how to share your feelings with a man

Those of you who are familiar with my teachings, know that I often talk about the Host Voice.  It’s a very powerful li’l bugger– it will destroy your life if you let it.  When you can learn to let go of its hold over you, you can manifest the kind of relationship that you truly deserve.


To learn to let go is often thought of as an inactive thing—just let go, like a hand relaxing fisted fingers.  However, I’m coming to realize that it is actually an active gesture—but not in the way most people think it is.  Let me explain.


Many motivational guidance counselors will tell you to relax the fisted fingers, only to pick up something else:  telling you to constantly be filling your head with positive thoughts of self-love and encouragement, so that you can drown out the Host Voice.


I don’t agree.  I think that actively forcing a different thought is not going to help. What happens is you are then stuck warding off the bad thoughts and forcing yourself to have good ones.  That’s too exhausting and in moments of weakness, you will crack like an egg and life will seem too unbareable.


I think the best thing to do is to allow the Host Voice to blabber on and on and on.  Instead of yelling at it to go away or start pushing yourself to have new, improved thoughts, I think it’s best to have no resistance.  Because, when you push against something, it only comes back at you will equal force.


Learn To Let Go:  Surrender To The Host Voice


Surrendering to the Host Voice is the better option than trying to drown it out with new thoughts.  Surrendering to it allows it to rush through you like a tidal wave, preaching its lies as it goes (“You are so stupid for what you did!”  “You need that guy to survive so be his doormat if you have to!”). Surrendering is not meeting the wave with any resistance.  Just let it flood your thoughts like it usually does, but this time I want you to be a witness to it, instead of a puppet of its lies.


Being a witness to your Host Voice is like being an objective observer.  You watch it, you listen and you understand it for what it is:  a lying coward!  Surrendering and being the witness is a very passive way of rendering the Host Voice powerless, but it is the most effective.  If you start getting mad at yourself for having negative, weak thoughts or trying to run from the thoughts, they will end up catching up with you and winning!  When you allow them to come and go as they please, but knowing all the time that they are useless thoughts, the Host Voice will slowly disappear.


How Is Passive Surrender Still Active?


I will use the design of the human body to explain:


Our muscles function in a way that can feel misleading.  When your leg is relaxed on a chair, it actually isn’t relaxed.  There is a group of muscles that are working against the muscles that you use to move your leg.  These muscles are actively engaged, even though you feel at rest.  These muscles are actually working even when you are asleep.


Well, you can work against your Host Voice the same way that these muscles actively work to keep you at rest.  The way you do this is by allowing!


learn to let go, how to build confidence, how to be more confident in a relationshipYou have to ALLOW the floodgates to stay open and not tighten up.  You have to allow the Host Voice to rush through.  AND you have to allow your emotional reactions to what the Host Voice preaches.  If you have, for example, thoughts of not being enough for a man or fears that you won’t find another man to love you, you have to ALLOW those thoughts and FEEL everything that those thoughts are provoking in your emotion centers.  You have to ALLOW yourself to cry, yell, panic, etc. 


NOW…  you don’t indulge the Host Voice—you STILL have to be the WITNESS.  So, you also have to ALLOW the witness to come forward, too.  The witness inside you will see the thoughts for what they are and will see the feelings for what they are too: simply energy that needs to be felt and released.


You can’t run from the Host Voice and try to pretend that you aren’t sad if you are, or angry, worried, etc.  You have to ALLOW all the feelings to surface and LEAVE YOU.  That is the best way to release a load that you do not want to carry.


The Story Of The Two Monks & The Woman


There is a wise ol’ story about two monks who were walking through a town, into the countryside.  On the way, there was a woman who was struggling to cross a river with her parcels.  One of the monks carried her across the river.  The other monk watched with disapproval.


Four hours later, they were still walking together and the disapproving monk turned to the other monk and said; “Why did you carry that woman across the river.  We aren’t supposed to hold a woman in such an intimate way.”


The other monk looked at him and said; “I put that woman down hours ago, why are you still carrying her?”


To me, this story is about allowing.  The disapproving monk represents the people who tell you to drown out the Host Voice with other voices because it’s wrong to allow yourself to have bad, self-depricating thoughts.  The monk who was able to emotionally let the woman go was the monk who allowed himself to feel for the woman.  He represents my way of surrendering to your negative thoughts and feelings.


Allowing thoughts and feelings is hard, especially the feelings.  Society has taught us to be ashamed of our bad thoughts and to shut down our negative, self-loathing feelings.  That is why learning to let go is an active process.  You have to strengthen those muscles that are engaged when you are at rest.  Even during moments of meditations, these “muscles” that keep you surrendering to the moment are engaged, and these muscles have to be exercised through constant self-awareness.


Be A Modern Enchantress

Building An Emotional Connection With Men: Closeness Through Detachment

emotional connection with men, detachment, emotional intimacy, love help


If you want to have a healthy and happy emotional connection with men when in a relationship, detach from your negative voices to create a stronger emotional connection to him.


Your inner “host voice” (I call it a host because it’s not you but is a parasite living inside your brain) is like the media.  It’s fear-based and fills you with despair, anxiety and even anger.  Just like the 5 o’clock news stories about homicide and injustices around the city can make you lose faith in humanity, your host voice will make you lose faith in love.


Stop Trying To Control Your Host Voice


Your host voice is like a cat—it’s gonna do what it wants.  If you try and shut it up, you’ll end up expending so much mental energy that you won’t have time to live for the happy moments in life.  (Try holding a cork over a geyser while enjoying your day.)


Best to let that voice speak its mind.  Just let it ramble on and on and get upset and get pessimistic and rude… Just don’t give it any weight.  Know that it is a LIAR and a PARANOID LOSER.  Even if there’s some truth to its messages (every good liar sprinkles in some truth to strengthen his deception), you don’t have to let that truth dampen your self-esteem.


Read More Relationship Advice For Women From Connect With His Heart: Ways We Turn Him Commitment Phobic


So what that you are a little needy sometimes or can be controlling when you get emotional?  Treat the barks and growls of the host voice as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism  (of him or of you) and DON’T ALLOW yourself  (or your image of him and the relationship) feel “less than” because its in a mood.


Detaching From Your Host Voice Isn’t Detaching From Your Emotions


Too many people fear their feelings.  We are a society of victims who are at the mercy of our powerful emotions.  It’s an ironic truth because we do everything in our power to squelch our yucky feelings and yet in doing so we give them power.


create emotional intimacy, creating emotional intimacy with a man, spiritual detachmentYour emotions are going to find a way out of you.  They are like those cats that you hear about that are dropped miles away from home and still find their way back.  They will find a way out of you whether you want to acknowledge them or not.  They are like David Blaine—getting out of a triple-bolted trunk at the bottom of 20-ft deep pool.  No stopping them.


However, this cat is going to end up scratching the crap out of your relationship.  This is David Blaine escaping the pool only to shoot the gathered crowd of amazed spectators with five rounds from a semi-automatic.


Read More Relationship Advice For Women From Connect With His Heart:  Is He A Good Man Or Am I Just A Beoyatch?


I can’t tell you how many women I speak with who HAVE NO IDEA how their subconscious mind in working to push a man away.  These women are telling me “Please help!  I love him!” yet the way they tell me they behave in the relationships are so distancing.  Some of them might as well have a sign on their forehead that says, “Don’t trust me.  I’ll tell you I love you and then I’ll scream, cry, blame, freak out, get passive aggressive, send you indirect, subtle hints about how I see things and ultimately disappear.”


Detach By Being An Observer & Having A Mature, Smart Understanding Of Things


It’s best to feel all your feelings fully and to watch them like they are a circus of crackheads.  Let your emotions be felt (AND EXPRESSED) but don’t let them be in the driver’s seat in your relationship.


If you start feeling anxious, paranoid, scared, slighted, hurt, angry, etc.—put up the white flag and surrender to those feelings.  Let them come and go freely.  However, DON’T, do anything about them.  Tell your man how you feel (“I feel really hurt by what you said.  Even if it wasn’t meant that way and I know you love me, it didn’t feel good”) but don’t start letting your host voice and negative feelings puppet your words and behavior so that you are flying off the handle, assuming things, shutting him out, lashing out and retreating as punishment when you don’t even know (and will never truly know) why he did or didn’t do something.


Emotional Connection Happens When You Can Trust Him


You have to trust him more than you trust the host voice and your negative emotions.  That doesn’t mean you trust him like a blind fool.  You can still be smart about love and see things from an objective, adult mindset when he has acted badly.  But if you are to stay with him, you need to trust him.


Emotional connection with a man happens when you can share your feelings (emotional intimacy) and do so without shaming him.  Instead of getting upset or angry about something he did, tell him you’re angry.  It’s like a warning to him and also an extended hand asking for help from a trusted source.


Read More Relationship Advice For Women From Connect With His Heart: Win His Heart With “Emotion Seduction”


When you get upset and scream, yell, blame, etc., he’s the problem.  But when you express your feelings, he’s not the problem but is the facilitator who can help your negative feelings switch back to being positive ones.  He becomes your protector and soother and you are asking him to help you feel better.  He doesn’t care that he caused the problem (in every relationship someone is going to piss off someone at some point), he cares that he has the power to make it all better quickly and easily before the sh*t hits the fan.


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Spouse Advice: The Divine Union Of Marriage

spouse advice, marriage advice,

Check out my article for

What if marriage was seen like a child that two spouses were raising together? Would love prevail?


I recently read an article on marriage that asked spouses to dismiss the idea of equality in partnership. Its author called for couples to stop tallying points, stop having power struggles and just love and honor their significant other as selflessly as possible.


More from YourTango: How To Better Love Your Husband


Well, the majority of the many comments posted about the article were surprisingly hostile—most people didn’t agree, to say the least, with the author. They felt his advice was not pratical and some women readers took it as chauvinist.  But I took a lot of good from its words.


Now… first, let me say, as an ex-wife, my respect for an article that preaches selflessness in marriage didn’t blind me to understanding the commenters points of view. I can see how spouses, who are feelings a lot like I did in my marriage (resentful, angry, loneliness, unseen, unheard and unappreciated), wouldn’t find too much to latch onto in an article that tells couples to “surrender to love”, urging them to happily pick up the slack where their partner has gone lax. That probably feels very frustrating– it can make someone feel that their loneliness (which is a horrible experience on its own), is shameful and wrong to have. However, I saw a clear and beautiful message in that article: one about the real definition of love as a verb.


What if we, as a society, could see marriage like a third entity, like a child two spouses were raising together? Would we still be stuck in power struggles? Do we, as parents, say, “I’m going to support and nurture this baby when and only as much as my partner. And if he/she does less than me to help with this kid, I’m going to abandon this baby”? Most mothers and fathers would never dream of saying that.


Read The Rest Of The Divine Union Of Marriage


Love Him Too Much? When Love Betrays You

are you obsessed with him, emotional detachment, fear of intimacy, how to build self esteem, insecure in love, intimacy issues, intimacy problems, love him too much, obsessed with him, self care, self image, signs of unhealthy relationship, stringing me alone, toxic men, toxic relationships, unhealthy relationships, women who love too much


Do you feel like your connection with the man you love is so deep, you don’t know where he ends and you begin?


Does this same man cause you so much pain and anguish that sometimes you don’t know how to escape the roller coaster of enormous emotions?


Sometimes, we have a poor sense of self and we end up loving him too much.  When you love a man too much, you are allowing yourself to get lost in the relationship.  You slowly feel more and more like an ice cube melting into the connection you share with a man, until you no longer have a distinct shape and form.  You are just a lost soul, dependent on the relationship for the answer to your life’s happiness.


It’s happened to me.  Right after my husband left, I got involved with a toxic man.  At the time I was feeling so lost, lonely and scared.  I had been with my husband for years and I didn’t know how to process the pain of the marriage, the death of the union and the deep fears I had about never finding love again.  Instead of feeling my feelings and working everything out at a healthy pace with my therapist, I dove into this distracting, whirlwind love-nightmare with Mr. Unavailable Narcissist.


The combination of who I was walking into the relationship along with the way I felt about myself because of the relationship made me into a shell of a person.  I had terrible anxiety that included scary dreams, a constantly shaking foot, the lost of appetite and the inability to calm down.  I was on a high one day (he’s paying attention to me) and then I’d crash into lows so bad, my body felt like it was slipping into the earth.


More From Connect With His Heart: When You Can’t Let Go Of Him


I left the relationship (if you could call it that) after a few months but I went through physical withdrawal symptoms as if I had been trying to get of drugs or gambling.  It was weird and scary.  It frightened me because I didn’t understand how I had lost myself so much—how I could do, say and accept crazy things in the relationship from a guy I didn’t even really like as a person.  Sure, I ‘loved’ him (obsessed was more like it), but did I really respect the person he was?  No.  I thought he was a real danger to himself and other women.  When we were together, I felt so anxious I just wanted to leave but when he wasn’t around (which was often), all I wanted to do was be near him.

Is Your Relationship With Yourself Is Suffering? Your Self-Image Is MIA?


The biggest lesson I learned from that wild and dark relationship was that I not only lost myself in the relationship, I didn’t have a sense of myself BEFORE the relationship.  If I had, I would have RUN from him.


If you feel like you are like one of those blurry, transparent human images they use in movies to signify a ghost, chances are that you have been struggling for a long time with knowing yourself.


Do you really know who you are?  Do you really, truly know happiness?  Because happiness isn’t the high you get from the relationship when he is acting nice and attentive.  Happiness is consistent, calm and feels safe.  It’s more a lazy day in the sun on the back porch than some wild, exciting time at a theme park.  It can actually seem boring sometimes, if you don’t surrender to it.  Again, I ask you, Do you know happiness?


Do you know your deepest fears?  Do you know what stops you from happiness?  What relationship patterns have you been living your whole life that have stopped you from sharing in consistent, safe intimacy and commitment?


More From Connect With His Heart: But I Know He Loves Me


When my toxic relationship ended, I was left with so many open wounds.  I was a mess but it was all a beautiful blessing.  I went on a quest to know myself better and to understand why I had allowed myself to blend into men instead of walk independent, strong and happy along side a wonderful man.


My journey was tough.  It was scary.  It was humbling and it made me mad.  I saw how much I had sabotaged my happiness at every turn.  How I ignored the voice inside me that warned me of bad men or of my own bad behavior.  And I listened to the ‘host voice’ inside me (that’s what I call it) that spoke from fear instead of love.  The voice that gave me permission to wall myself off from love and look down at good guys as boring, frumpy, dorky, wimpy losers.  That voice made me think that only damaged bad boys were worth my time.


Once I started to heal my wounds, everything about the way I related with men changed.  I started looking for good men and acting like a good woman who was capable of intimacy and love.


Do You Have Too Much Masculine Energy With Men?

be more feminine, female power of men, feminine energy, goddess energy, how can i be more feminine, how to be more feminine, how to be more feminine for men, masculine energy, masculine energy with men, what are men looking for in a wife


Masculine energy screams at a man, “Rough me up, big boy, I dare you.  I can take it!”  And there is nothing romantic and loving about a man feeling that coming at him from a lady!  He may want to bang you, but get close to you emotionally?  Nope.


Look, masculine energy isn’t a bad thing in a woman.  I have LOADS of it and I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my relationship.  The key is to balance it with feminine energy when relating with your man.  Men don’t want to be with other men who just happen to have vaginas, they want to be with women who feel, smell and sound like women.


What Masculine Energy Does


Men ARE attracted to masculine energy; however, it’s for reasons that don’t equal love.  Masculine energy in a woman is sexy to a man; it makes his honey-stick hard as a rock, exciting him in ways that he can’t even understand.  (This is why you save this energy for the bedroom!)  The problem with masculine energy is that it makes men compete with you, challenge you and play other various power games with you.  Sound fun?  It can be but so is playing with fire.  Both will burn you.  Why?


Men don’t fall deeply in love with masculine energy.  They may obsess over a chick with it for a while, chasing a challenging dame or having amazing sex with a mistress who has bucket-loads of sass and fire, but love happens for a man in an entirely different place.  Love comes from the heart and feminine energy captures a man’s heart.


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Masculine energy starts and ends with the crotch!  It will make you love to argue, throw your weight around, be demanding, act hot and spicy for him.  This is all good and dandy and there certainly is a place for this in a relationship, but masculine energy also walls you up.  It makes you defensive, hot inside and protective of your inner child.  It gives you an aura of “Don’t mess with me!!”.  These things may be qualities you covet in yourself and admire in other women, but they aren’t qualities that are going to make a man feel safe with you.  And emotional security in a relationship is where deep love breeds.


Feminine Energy Breeds Love


Even the most macho of men (actually, these guys are the most mushy inside) want to have a place where they can take off their ‘man armor’ and feel safe to open up, be vulnerable and be taken care of.  Men can’t feel vulnerable around masculine energy because it’s too challenging for them.  When you have masculine energy with a man who is trying to open up, he is going to feel like you are telling him to “buck up, you pussy!”.  He doesn’t want to feel like that with you.  He’s got male friends to do this with.  And he certainly WON’T romance you if he feels you are threatening his sensitive side.


Masculine energy in a woman also makes a man feel mothered instead of taken care of.  What’s the difference?  Mothers have to be authoritative and controlling to a healthy degree.  A child needs some structure and a strong parental figure to look to for guidance.  The nurturer in you is actually masculine, believe it or not.  It’s the same qualities that make for a great, loved boss that also make for a wonderful mom.  Look at those women on Nanny911.  They have tons of masculine energy (polite yet forceful, strict but loving).  Would you want to jump in the sack with them?


If you have masculine energy with a man, he is going to feel castrated.  You know how many husbands feel castrated by their polite yet bossy and passively controlling wives?  More than you’d like to know.  How do I know?  They write me all the time, asking me to help their wives and even trying to woo me out of a desperate loneliness and need for validation.  This is actually the reason a lot of immature (and some mature) men cheat– they feel castrated and they don’t have the spine and communication skills to speak up about their feelings and needs.


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When you have feminine energy, you don’t dictate, control, manage, belittle a man.  You automatically make him feel like he can do anything and the world is his oyster.  Feminine energy allows a man to expose himself without fear of being nagged, pressured to change himself, judged, condescended, or manipulated.  He will know that he can share his underbelly with you and you will hold his truths in your soul like its a heart-shaped locket around your neck.


Feminine Energy Invites A Man To Be Romantic With You


When you bleed feminine energy from your pores, a man can’t help but feel a sense of duty to protect you and shield you from the big bad world.  Yes, okay, you are perfectly capable of shielding yourself, but you are also capable of cooking for yourself and this doesn’t stop you from loving a great dinner at a five star restaurant where someone else serves YOU.  Romance is same.  If you allow yourself to feel soft, sensitive, silly, goofy, laugh-y, sensuous and even unnerved in the presence of a good man, you will trigger his Prince Charming gene.  Every man has this gene, it’s just a question of provoking his.


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Feminine energy also makes a man romantic because it makes him want to ravish you.  When a man sees the more vulnerable and tender side of you (this is more than just a soft voice and a polite attitude– this is about emotional surrender to the moment and to his advances), he will feel horny and eager to put his maleness inside you.  It’s a very primal thing and it’s extremely visceral.  It’s NOT about the kind of rough and hot sex that masculine energy ignites in his groin and imagination; this is less about conquering and more about possessing.  The difference is everything.  A man can want to conquer you sexually (tame the shrew) but if he wants to possess you, that’s about closeness.  Wanting to possess a woman will make a man romantic and inspire him to woo her like his cherished angel.  It will make him want to ravish you and protect you all at the same time: “I’m gonna keep her safe from all those horny men out there who want to sexually consume her the way I want to!”




Red Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You is my ebook for women who want to own their feminine energy and use their masculine energy to help them succeed in the world outside of men and love.

Mesmerize Him This Way

How to Make Him Addicted By Boosting Your Confidence

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Are you addicted to a man and want to turn the tables and make him addicted by boosting your confidence level?  


For a long time (during my marriage and while dating afterward) I was like an icepick around men.  I felt so insecure and sensitive inside that I hardened myself up as a protection against being hurt.  I was stiff, quiet and awkward.   I had a chip on my shoulder, and felt very uncomfortable receiving sexual attention.


The worst part was that I didn’t even know I was coming across this way.  I felt so soft inside, so vulnerable, that I never thought I came across to men like some uppity ball buster.  I just thought that men were jerks and so insecure about their manhood that they couldn’t handle a woman of my caliber.  The truth, however, was that I was pushing good men away with insecurities and emotional walls.


You Can Be Confident In Other Areas & Still Be Insecure In Love


What helped me stay blind was the fact that I was successful in other areas of my life.  I had great girl friends who always told me I was so kind and funny.  I was successful at my job and my co-workers all liked me and marveled at my intelligence.  But with men, I was a failure.


I hadn’t yet learned how to feel secure in my skin as a sexy, desirable, lovable woman.  I THOUGHT I was.  I even threw my weight around and told men how amazing I was, but inside I knew that my “confidence” was just a rouse.  I was puffing myself up like a puffer fish but it was all just “air”.


The truth was that I would do anything for a man, and my desperation wasn’t attractive…  It was a REPELLENT that didn’t make him addicted, but made men RUN! 


Once a man got past my hard exterior, he had me and not in a romantic sense.  I ended up being a service girl to men– breaking my back to “fill in the spaces” where they slacked off in the relationship.  I was planning all the dates, calling more than them, crying and making scenes about their lack of investment, performing sexually instead of enjoying sex.


Once a man had my heart, I no longer had personal boundaries and self-esteem.  I was just working hard to keep him at the expense of my own self-worth.  I soon hated myself and who I became, but I couldn’t stop.  These men were like drugs– keeping me chasing the high that they made me feel.


And this high made me LIE to myself.  I told myself that these men were my soul mates, that they did love me and would come around.  I told myself that I was their angel, their savior and they needed me to experience REAL love.


There I was each time, living an illusion of a relationship.  Even all of my friends would become tired of hearing about these unavailable men over and over again, but in my head, each and every one, at different times in my life, were my soul mates.  I knew that if I just loved them enough, they would surrender to me, like I had them.


This never happened.


Why PRETENDING Confidence Doesn’t Work to Make Him Addicted


Quality men can feel the difference between a brittle woman who has something to prove to men about her worth and a soft, sensual woman who doesn’t have a thing to prove.  The first woman gives off a competitive vibe with men that is off-putting and feels “dangerous”, while the other type of woman invites men to fall in love with her by being emotionally available and easy to be with.



Men who fall for the brittle icepick woman, the one I used to be, are men with commitment issues.  These are men who like the challenge of a hard-to-open-up woman.  They like the attention and power it gives them to “break” these women and make them go from brittle bitches to childlike messes who will do anything for their man’s love, even if it goes against personal boundaries.


So, if you want a good man who enjoys intimacy and who works hard for your love, you can’t be the brittle woman.  You can’t be a hard-ass who melts into a low-confidence puddle of mush and lets emotionally unavailable, unaccountable men walk all over her.


How to Be a More Feminine, Confident Woman


The key to being the soft, open and warm woman who invites caliber men into her world and gets treated like a goddess is…  to have soul-fulfilling passions outside of men.


I used to be successful, fun to be around, kind and silly with my friends and family, but the truth was that it all was not enough.  I still felt hollow inside and alone in a way that only could be healed by a man’s love.  I romanticized relationships and dreamed about my fantasy man all the time.


This left me chasing love all the time, instead of realizing that love was as simple, slow, gentle and kind as my lazy Saturday afternoons with my girl friends.  I was always looking for that all-passion, all-excitement, all-whirlwind romance “high”.  However, that high was an ideal that didn’t last for long in a relationship.  I loved the “in love” feeling and not the real deal, and the only way to remain “high” was to find men that never would give me the real deal.


So go out and build your confidence around men by dating a bunch of men (or flirt a lot if you are in a relationship), and also find 2-3 things outside of men that make you happy to be alive.  Find ways to soften your exterior, by not making men your world.  This will draw him in so much faster than you breaking your back to bring him close.  Your low-confidence is a turn off and it’s a bad-man-magnet.


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My eBook Red Rose Woman: The Enchantress Inside You will also help with this.  The main focus of the book is to empower women to find their inner Female Fire (Rawwrrr) and never let a man take it away!


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