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Date Night Beauty Regime: Removing The Mask

Photo: Silvana’s Skin Care spa ( As a dating and relationship coach my tools and techniques mostly involve working with women from the ‘inside-out’: finding a way to get closer to a man by getting closer to yourself and changing your thoughts. Sometimes however it helps to work from the ‘outside-in’.   A Calvin Klein […]

ReDirect For IHLFY Purchase

Welcome To Inspire His Love For You!  Unfortunately we are experiencing a worm virus on our download page.  You have been redirected here.  Hopefully this will be fixed today, but until then please email Kristina at with your order number and see with email you a copy of the manuals.  Thank you and again […]

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Dating Advice For Women: Knowing When To Be Optimistic About Love

Pop psychology loves to pump people full of romanticized faith:  poetic photographs with quotes preaching positivity on friends’ Facebook pages; the word ‘hope’ carved into pocket-size stones and spelled out in rhinestones on hundred-dollar bracelets.  And why not?  Why not encourage a little optimism, especially in love?  With a dismal divorce rate and couples having […]

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He Lost Interest. Now What?

Article I wrote for   If your relationship has done a 180 and you are now pursuing the man you love instead of being adamantly pursued by him, I know exactly how you feel.  I dated a few guys who went from in love to missing in action.  If he lost interest in you, […]

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Things You Can Do To Attract True Love Online

Guest Post: For those venturing into the world of online dating for the first time, it may seem scary and difficult – how can you know whether the person on the other end of the emails is going to be the same person as you meet in real life? The short answer is you don’t […]

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How To Fix Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

If you’re scanning this website you’re probably not happy in your love life.  And you’re probably very angry with men as a result.  Maybe a man who you thought was one of the good guys recently dumped you.  Maybe your husband cheated on you and you aren’t sure if you’ll ever be able to forgive […]

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I’m Freaking Out & Reading Into Everything

Here’s a letter written to Sarah Jeanette (coauthor of Inspire His Love For You) and me.  It’s from Claudia, who is in a long distance relationship; however, any of us in local relationships could also be in her shoes.   Kristina & Sarah,   Hi.  I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am to have […]

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How To Respond When He Needs Space

An article I wrote for Is the man you love acting like a ghost in your relationship?  Maybe he’s even vocalized that he needs space? Perhaps he claims nothing’s wrong, but he just doesn’t return your texts and seems to be a whole lot busier than he was in the early stages of dating?   Before you […]

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What Is An Emotional Connection?

Emotional intimacy is the heart of a relationship; it gives it a pulse. It doesn’t matter how hot you both are for each other, how aligned your career dreams are with one anothers’, or how much you respect each other’s choices and intelligence—if you don’t share an emotional connection with the man you love, the […]

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Why Do Men Vanish?

Article I wrote for According to Dove, the soap company, only four percent of women consider themselves beautiful. No wonder most of us are crushed and angry when a man disappears.   If a woman can’t view herself as beautiful, it makes sense that she would look to gain a more positive self-image from her […]