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Dating Advice For Women: Knowing When To Be Optimistic About Love

Pop psychology loves to pump people full of romanticized faith:  poetic photographs with quotes preaching positivity on friends’ Facebook pages; the word ‘hope’ carved into pocket-size stones and spelled out in rhinestones on hundred-dollar bracelets.  And why not?  Why not encourage a little optimism, especially in love?  With a dismal divorce rate and couples having […]

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How To Spot & Release Emotionally Unavailable Men

An article I wrote for A relationship when both partners are “all-in” is tough enough. But when your man is emotionally unavailable, things are so much harder. You’re committed to making things work, but he just won’t open up. A tell-tale sign of an emotionally unavailable man is a lack of empathy; check for […]

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What Is An Emotional Connection?

Emotional intimacy is the heart of a relationship; it gives it a pulse. It doesn’t matter how hot you both are for each other, how aligned your career dreams are with one anothers’, or how much you respect each other’s choices and intelligence—if you don’t share an emotional connection with the man you love, the […]

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Make A Man Fall In Love

Here’s an article I wrote for   What can you do to make a man fall in love?   To make a man fall in love with you, you have to unconditionally love him but still demand conditions within your relationship.  When a man feels like he can “let go” and relax in your presence, […]

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The Key To His Heart: Be A Sensitive & Sensual Woman

To be a sensitive and sensual woman you have to be interested in him, not strive to be interesting.   Stop trying to impress men (or that special man) with how smart, funny, fun, sexy and sexual you can be, and start being interested in knowing him on a deeper level.  The way to make […]

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Advice On Men: Guys Are Sensitive Too

When I give advice on men, I always like a woman to remember that it’s not just about her feelings and needs.   Men have needs too and those needs are more complex than a B job in the evening after a home-cooked dinner in a clean house.  Men have emotional needs and their feelings can […]

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How To Win A Man’s Heart Using ‘Emotion Seduction’

If you want to know how to win a man’s heart, you have to know how lead from your heart as a woman.  What I call “emotion seduction” is the only way to truly capture his love and devotion for years to come.   In an emotion seduction you are seducing a man’s heart instead […]

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Fighting In Relationships: How To Survive Emotional Arguments With Him

I always had a hard time expressing my feelings constructively when fighting in relationships.  I felt so overwhelmed inside with sadness, anger, fear, anxiety that I felt like I was going to choke on all my feelings.   I couldn’t even speak because there was soooo much I wanted to say.  I didn’t know how […]

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Remove Emotional Walls & Put Up Personal Boundaries

In relationships, we usually have too many emotional walls instead of having healthy personal boundaries.     It’s not easy to get close to a man.  It’s scary and it puts us at risk of abandonment and rejection.  However, not risking these things can leave us unfulfilled and hungry for affection and emotional connection.   […]

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3 Ways To Keep Your Man From Walking

There are ways to keep your man happy and in love and they aren’t that hard to do.  It’s just that most of us are too emotionally guarded and too afraid to risk exposing vulnerability.   If you feel insecure in your relationship and believe your man is losing interest, it’s best to not ignore those feelings. […]