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Dating Advice For Women: Knowing When To Be Optimistic About Love

Pop psychology loves to pump people full of romanticized faith:  poetic photographs with quotes preaching positivity on friends’ Facebook pages; the word ‘hope’ carved into pocket-size stones and spelled out in rhinestones on hundred-dollar bracelets.  And why not?  Why not encourage a little optimism, especially in love?  With a dismal divorce rate and couples having […]

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How To Fix Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

If you’re scanning this website you’re probably not happy in your love life.  And you’re probably very angry with men as a result.  Maybe a man who you thought was one of the good guys recently dumped you.  Maybe your husband cheated on you and you aren’t sure if you’ll ever be able to forgive […]

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Make A Man Fall In Love

Here’s an article I wrote for   What can you do to make a man fall in love?   To make a man fall in love with you, you have to unconditionally love him but still demand conditions within your relationship.  When a man feels like he can “let go” and relax in your presence, […]

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“He Shuts Me Out!” Maybe It’s Because You’re Too Invasive

Many women come to me with a desperate need to fix their relationships, angry and panicking while proclaiming, ”  He shuts me out! ”  Some men are emotionally unavailable and shut down when they feel close to anyone.  However, sometimes we push men to shut down by being too invasive.   Are you an invasive […]

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Advice On Men: Guys Are Sensitive Too

When I give advice on men, I always like a woman to remember that it’s not just about her feelings and needs.   Men have needs too and those needs are more complex than a B job in the evening after a home-cooked dinner in a clean house.  Men have emotional needs and their feelings can […]

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How To Win A Man’s Heart Using ‘Emotion Seduction’

If you want to know how to win a man’s heart, you have to know how lead from your heart as a woman.  What I call “emotion seduction” is the only way to truly capture his love and devotion for years to come.   In an emotion seduction you are seducing a man’s heart instead […]

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What To Do If He Cheats Online

Here’s an article I wrote for Even if he’s having an outright affair, here’s how to handle him and get your life back.   If your man cheats online, my heart goes out to you and I know that finding evidence of his romantic, sexual or loving words written to another woman can be […]

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How To Better Love Your Husband

I wrote this article for If your husband seems to be losing interest, it could be that you haven’t been showing him enough interest.   Does it feel like your marriage is slowly unraveling?  Do you get the sense that your husband feels disenchanted with your union and is disinterested in you?  Your marriage […]

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Spouse Advice: The Divine Union Of Marriage

Check out my article for What if marriage was seen like a child that two spouses were raising together? Would love prevail? . I recently read an article on marriage that asked spouses to dismiss the idea of equality in partnership. Its author called for couples to stop tallying points, stop having power struggles […]

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Compromise Vs. Being A Pleaser

There’s a big difference between compromising for a relationship and being a pleaser.   When you compromise for a relationship, you feel closer to the man and don’t feel angry about adapting for his needs.  When you compromise, you feel happy to do for him because he’s doing for you too.  When you’re a pleaser, […]