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Enchant Him With My eBook Red Rose Woman!

My ebook is selling like crazy and here’s part of the reason so many women love it…   Men get bored easily.  Most are always looking for a ‘better’ woman.  It’s actually kind of sad.  But this reality doesn’t have to be your reality.  My popular ebook Red Rose Woman shows women how to make […]

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When Men Stop Calling

Article I wrote for digitalromanticinc.com: . He was once head-over-heels for you and now he’s heeled it out of there, nowhere to be found.  I’ve been right where you are quite a few times and it always hurt like hell.  The self-doubt, the analyzing and rehashing of each moment of every date trying to figure […]

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Goddess Love Help: Is He Stringing You Along? What To Do…

There is nothing more devastating than feeling like the man you love is just keeping you around until he finds his love.  I’ve been in this situation two times.  Both men ended up marrying the women they left me to date.  I can’t tell you how much it stung to watch these guys walk away […]

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How To Talk With Men: Avoid Shaming Them … & Yourself

The main lesson to be learned in understanding how to talk with men is that you shouldn’t have any stigmas around your feelings, or any self-beliefs based solely on his treatment of you.   Before I “got” what it was all about—this love thing—I spent a lot of time and energy trying to hide my […]

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What To Say When He Won’t Commit To A Life Together

Sometimes relationships can be amazing and we can feel like the only thing we need to make the relationship perfect is a commitment.   However, when he won’t commit no matter what we try, the entire relationship can feel painful and pointless.   I know how horrible it feels to love a man, know that he […]

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Fighting In Relationships: How To Survive Emotional Arguments With Him

I always had a hard time expressing my feelings constructively when fighting in relationships.  I felt so overwhelmed inside with sadness, anger, fear, anxiety that I felt like I was going to choke on all my feelings.   I couldn’t even speak because there was soooo much I wanted to say.  I didn’t know how […]

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How To Be Confident With Men

If you are agonizing over how to be confident with men, I want you to stop beating yourself up over having insecurities and instead embrace your timidities.   Lots of relationship advice for women claim that men want stronger and more assertive women.  Though there is truth in this, this advice is misleading.  Men don’t […]

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3 Ways To Keep Your Man From Walking

There are ways to keep your man happy and in love and they aren’t that hard to do.  It’s just that most of us are too emotionally guarded and too afraid to risk exposing vulnerability.   If you feel insecure in your relationship and believe your man is losing interest, it’s best to not ignore those feelings. […]

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How To Talk With Your Man: Getting Him To Open Up

Learning how to talk with your man is a lesson in trust and pride.   When I was married I spent a lot of time and energy trying to get my husband to open up to me.  I felt like he was almost a ghost with me— doing and saying one thing but secretly feeling […]

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How To Talk With A Man: Sharing Your Feelings

Learning how to talk with a man and share your feelings with him takes guts. You have to surrender to your feminine softness and expose your underbelly.   Do you find that you have a pattern of trying to hide your negative feelings from a man who isn’t treating you the way you wish he […]