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How To Get Him To Propose To You

Article I wrote for  You love him and you know he’s the one; he says he loves you but admits he’s not sure if you’re his forever woman.  This not only hurts like hell; it’s maddening.  In your heart, you know that he loves you and would be miserable without you in his life, but […]

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What Is An Emotional Connection?

Emotional intimacy is the heart of a relationship; it gives it a pulse. It doesn’t matter how hot you both are for each other, how aligned your career dreams are with one anothers’, or how much you respect each other’s choices and intelligence—if you don’t share an emotional connection with the man you love, the […]

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Dating Advice For Women: What Do Men Look For In A Wife?

Asking the question, what do men look for in a wife is like asking what do people look for in a family pet.  Men have different tastes and different ideas of what defines a partnership.  Just like how some families prefer a low-maintenance goldfish over a high-maintenance Daschund —one man’s dream gal could be another man’s […]

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Signs You Are Working Too Hard To Attract Men

If you’re out on the dating scene, seriously looking for love and commitment, you have to be very cautious about not having too much masculine energy in your dating relationships with men.  To attract men,  you must receive the attention and affection instead of give it.   When you have too much masculine energy, you […]

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Make A Man Fall In Love

Here’s an article I wrote for   What can you do to make a man fall in love?   To make a man fall in love with you, you have to unconditionally love him but still demand conditions within your relationship.  When a man feels like he can “let go” and relax in your presence, […]

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Be A Man Magnet & Fondue Yourself

If you want to be a man magnet, you have to give him incentive to come closer.  By incentive I DON’T mean you coming closer to him by doing things for him, dressing like the woman you think he wants, etc.  I mean that you have to draw him in with your authenticity– almost by […]

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The Lie You’ve Been Told About What Men Need

It’s very common to hear relationship experts advising women to give men space in a relationship.  But space actually isn’t necessarily what men need from a woman.   I can’t tell you how many love gurus out there will tell you to appear unavailable and make a man have to work hard to get in […]

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What Attracts Men To Women

If you want to know what attracts men to women, you have to consider the fact that men are just as lonely as you are and secretly CRAVE the kind of wonderful connection you do.   A lot of women write to me, arguing with my take on love.  If you are familiar with my […]

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How To Emotionally Connect With A Man

Learning how to emotionally connect with a man is learning how to lead from your feminine energy and be available to calmly and confidently receive his feelings, thoughts and needs.   If you are at home, take a seat on your sofa and close your eyes.  Imagine that you are a cushion on that couch.  […]

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What Makes Men Fall In Love?

A man falls in love with a woman who makes him feel emotionally safe.  He falls for a woman who makes him feel like he can take his “man armor” off when he is with her.   So few men actually experience this kind of connection with a woman.  Clueless as to what this kind […]