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When Men Stop Calling

Article I wrote for digitalromanticinc.com: . He was once head-over-heels for you and now he’s heeled it out of there, nowhere to be found.  I’ve been right where you are quite a few times and it always hurt like hell.  The self-doubt, the analyzing and rehashing of each moment of every date trying to figure […]

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He Lost Interest. Now What?

Article I wrote for BlackLoveAdvice.com:   If your relationship has done a 180 and you are now pursuing the man you love instead of being adamantly pursued by him, I know exactly how you feel.  I dated a few guys who went from in love to missing in action.  If he lost interest in you, […]

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I’m Freaking Out & Reading Into Everything

Here’s a letter written to me from Claudia, who is in a long distance relationship; however, any of us in local relationships could also be in her shoes.   Hi.  I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am to have just bought your program.  My circumstance is very common, I think.  I am freaking out […]

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How To Respond When He Needs Space

An article I wrote for YourTango.com: Is the man you love acting like a ghost in your relationship?  Maybe he’s even vocalized that he needs space? Perhaps he claims nothing’s wrong, but he just doesn’t return your texts and seems to be a whole lot busier than he was in the early stages of dating?   Before you […]

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Why Do Men Vanish?

Article I wrote for DatingAdvice.com: According to Dove, the soap company, only four percent of women consider themselves beautiful. No wonder most of us are crushed and angry when a man disappears.   If a woman can’t view herself as beautiful, it makes sense that she would look to gain a more positive self-image from her […]

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What To Do To Keep Your Man From Walking

An article I wrote for YourTango.com: Does the man you love remind you of water—dripping out of your hands the more you try to hold onto him?  I know how frustrating it can be to be madly in love with a guy who doesn’t reciprocate; it doesn’t matter how often you contact him, try to force […]

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4 Reasons Why Men Push Women Away

Article I wrote for SinglesWarehouse.com.uk: Have you found yourself on the other end of a dial tone lately– wondering why there’s only the lonely sound of crickets chirping in your dating relationship?  If you were once the target of a man’s pursuit, smothered with his affection and attention, only to get dumped and left wondering, […]

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The Secret Tool That Will Keep Him Interested

Article I write for YourTango.com   Is the man you love distancing himself from you?  Does something feel “off” about his behavior in your relationship?  If you feel chronically distraught about the state of things and are desperately trying to keep him interested, you may actually be pushing him further away.   If you are […]

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Goddess Love Help: Getting Grounded When He Pulls Back!

Goddess Love Help gets you feeling secure with yourself and your circumstances no matter what he’s doing!   So you’re dating a great guy and all of the sudden he needs space.  Maybe his distancing feels out-of-the-blue, or maybe you’ve been sensing that he’s been slowly pulling back.  What do you do? What do you […]

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How To Stop Feeling ‘Not Enough’ & Be Confident With Men

Here’s an article I wrote for YourTango.com:   Are you stuck in pattern of feeling bad about yourself and your relationship?  Do you feel needy, depressed and angry more than you feel loved by your man and happy with your life? To you want to be confident with men you date but can’t step out […]