How To Emotionally Connect With A Man

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Learning how to emotionally connect with a man is learning how to lead from your feminine energy and be available to calmly and confidently receive his feelings, thoughts and needs.


If you are at home, take a seat on your sofa and close your eyes.  Imagine that you are a cushion on that couch.  Relax into the seat and let yourself feel like you are full of fluffy, soft and cushiony feather-stuffing and that your only task is to remain on that sofa, still and soft, providing comfort for those who come and sit on your “pillow.”


As you do this, don’t judge it as silly or think that there isn’t enough time to do the exercise.


How does being a pillow feel?  Do you feel relaxed?  Do you feel sleepy?  Do you feel comfortable and fully engaged in your body and feelings? Do you feel agitated and impatient?  Do you try to intellectualize the life of a pillow instead of just be the pillow?  Would you be available to receive the energy of someone who came and sat next to you, absorbing their stress and putting them at ease?


How To Emotionally Connect With A Man: Be As Available As A Pillow


If the Pillow Exercise has you feeling bored, anxious, cerebral, cloudy-headed or numb instead of relaxed, peaceful, clear-headed and calm in your heart, you may have a problem living in your feminine energy.


The exercise is a form of meditation.  How well can you stay in a moment with a clear mind and an open heart?  How well can you stay still and remain receptive to another person on a mental, spiritual and emotional level?  Feminine energy is about remaining open and passive.  Masculine energy is about doing and asserting.  You want to step into your feminine energy with men to help them feel more at ease with you.  You become like their pillow– holding their stress and being their safe harbor where they can remove their “man armor” and just be!


A lot of women can’t tolerate the present moment.  They don’t know how to take a breath and just be.  They busy themselves with household errands and iPhone texting and planning for tomorrow and …  the list goes on.


Yes, life is full of responsibilities but you should still be able to easily take moments in between the whirlwind to connect with the people around you (a hug, a laugh, a tender caress, a heartfelt compliment or “thank you”, etc.). Drop the thoughts of “I must control and manage” and learn to just take in your environment and be receptive to the intimacies in the world around you.


Practice Being A Receptive Person


Being open and available to a man’s feelings, words, ideas, emotional needs requires that you “make room” inside yourself.  To make room, you have to expel the anxieties that are currently dwelling inside you.  To do this, you have to practice “just being” and allowing intimate moments to happen.


So next time you’re with a man (your date, husband, boyfriend, a male coworker, a neighbor, etc.), I want you to be very aware of your behavior and of your environment.  I want you to try and “do nothing” as much as possible.  So instead of acting helpful, or acting bubbly and filling in all the silences with laughter and jokes, or touching your man to make him want you, just remain still and simply feel.


When you practice “just being”, it may make you feel very anxious or sad or even angry.  It may totally put you in your head and draw you out of the moment and into your thoughts.  It may make you want to jump out of your skin or eat a whole cheesecake.  But whatever you feel, remain still by continuing to just be, and fight the discomfort and/or awkwardness.


If your man asks you whats wrong, tell him that you are fine and are practicing “just being”.  Tell him you are trying to relax your stress and anxiety away.


When You Allow Your Anxiety To Surface, You Invite Calm & Confidence To Flood Inside


Once you’ve practiced just being for a while, your anxiety will start to wash away and you’ll begin to tolerate more intimacy.  You will find yourself more relaxed, more “go with the flow”, more available for laughter and sexual advances.  You will feel confident and may even become humorous and playful.  You will feel like a self-assured and sensual woman.  You will feel horny and you will attract a lot of male attention.


You will feel comfortable with compliments and will easily say “thank you” while looking a man in the eye.  You will smile back when he flirts with you and you will melt into his touch when he caresses you.  You will be receptive and welcoming.


Your sex appeal will come from your newfound confidence through stillness.  It will come from your ability to DO YOU no matter what, and not have to “dance and sing” to snag attention.  You will just be there, available to hold another person’s feelings, words, love and their secrets.  Men will enjoy your company and feel comfortable around you.  They will also be impressed with how emotionally close they can come toward you without you having to block them out with “busy body” activities.


If you want to know how to emotionally connect with a man and step into your soft, sensual and receptive feminine energy, please visit my site, How To Be A Man Magnet and read about my eBook, Red Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You.

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