How To Win A Man’s Heart Using ‘Emotion Seduction’

how to win a mans heart

If you want to know how to win a man’s heart, you have to know how lead from your heart as a woman.  What I call “emotion seduction” is the only way to truly capture his love and devotion for years to come.


In an emotion seduction you are seducing a man’s heart instead of his groin, which is the target area in a regular seduction.  The game of emotion seduction is all about getting him to fall in love and be emotionally addicted to your heart and soul.


When you seduce a man’s emotions, you trigger something inside him that makes him feel like a small boy again.  He feels his softer, more vulnerable side and you send him into a whirlwind of nerves and bliss.  When you seduce a man’s emotions, he becomes so hooked on you, he can hardly breathe and thinks about you nonstop.


Emotion Seduction Vs. Sexual Seduction


There’s a big difference between emotion seduction and regular seduction, because seducing a man physically can definitely make him obsessed with you and emotionally charged with thoughts of wanting to ravish you and possess your body over and over again.  A man who has been physically seduced is hungry for the power that wild, unbridled sex can offer him.  He becomes addicted to his hard-on and how erect you can make him.


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With emotion seduction, a man doesn’t feel a need to conquer a woman sexually or otherwise, he just wants to be close to her, make love to her, hold her and take care of her for a long time.


Emotion Seduction Involves Breaking Down His Emotional Walls


The further you can penetrate a man’s private side (his darkside), the more he will love you and the harder it will be to get you out of his mind.  To do this you have to break down the emotional walls that he has put up to shield and bury his own vulnerability.


To reach a man’s vulnerability you have to take the time to really get to know him and you have to LET HIM SEE YOUR VULNERABILITY, too.


Being His Locket


emotional connection, emotional intimacy, love helpWhen you gently coax a man to start sharing his life secrets with you, you have to be very tender and loving with such valuable knowledge.  You have to make him feel like you’re holding his truths and secrets in a locket around your neck.  You carry those revelations close to your heart and never throw them back in his face or use them to push him to reveal more.  And you never share them with anyone—they stay locked away.  This creates trust.


When a man starts opening up about his life and his guarded feelings, the best thing you can do is listen.  Remember what he says and touch him to let him know that you are empathic and present with him in the moment.  Ask him questions to provoke him to express himself further, but don’t be pushy and a Nosy Parker.  There’s a difference between being curious and being a crowbar (prying out information).  Sit back, invite him with your energy to tell his stories or to share his feelings and thoughts on something and be a container for him instead of a vacuum that wants to suck out his soul.  The more you encourage without pushing, the faster he will open up.


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Opening Up To Him


The best way to accomplish a successful emotion seduction is to open your heart and soul to him like the petals of a rose opening for the morning sun.  Don’t be afraid to tell him when he unnerves you or cry to him when you feel vulnerable.  It’s okay to lean on his shoulder and ask him to hold you.


This whole thing modern women are doing where they say, “I’m a queen, not a princess.  Don’t do for me; I can do for myself.  I’m not weak and you don’t have to hold me!” is so self-righteous and a big turn-off to a man.  There’s nothing wrong with feeling weak inside and trusting the one you love with soothing you and making you feel safe again in times of despair and worry.


How To Win A Man’s Heart:  Be Like Julia Roberts


Emotion seduction is never more successful than when you tell a touching story from your childhood.  If you can do so with humor and vulnerability, during a very intimate moment where you both are naked, he will fall in love.  Remember the story Julia Roberts’ character tells in Pretty Woman about how she became a prostitute after being a bum magnet?


That story was so self-deprecating and exposed so much of Vivianne’s insecurities and weak life choices.  And yet, the way she did it with a smile and with such love in her heart and a desire to be seen by Richard Gere, we fell in love with her and believed that such a powerful man could genuinely love a sidewalk hooker.


If you want to know how to win a man’s heart with emotion seduction you have to first be confident.  By confidence I don’t mean you have to be perfect.  People with false confidence are the ones who seem perfect and unfazed by things.  True confidence simply comes from self-acceptance.  When you accept that you are flawed, know and love your flaws, you can share them with a man and actually make him love you more for those flaws.


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See, we fall in love, not with perfection, but with someone with whom we can identify.   When you lead from your softness and show him your underbelly, he says to himself, “Wow.  I can relate to her.  She brings up feelings that I didn’t know I still had.  Young feelings.  Vulnerable feelings.  She makes me feel like love is important and that I want to take care of her.”  No hot beoyatch in a miniskirt with a PhD in fellatio can compete with that!


Although, don’t put away those mini-skirts either.  He’s still a man for Christ’s sake.


Red Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You is my eBook that explains exactly how to open a man up and get him talking about himself in a way that will make him not know how to live without you!  Enchanting a man is all about Emotion Seduction.

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