Dating Advice For Women: How To Win A Man’s Heart

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How high is your “cherish quotient”?  Win a man’s heart & fill him with lust…


If you want to win a man’s heart you have to understand what I call your “cherish quotient”– how cherishable you are!  A man can care about you, like you, desire you or even love you, but to make him fall in love with you, you have to make him cherish you like an angel.  He also has to cherish you like a hot sexy mama that he doesn’t ever want to stop sleeping with.


To make a man feel both safe coming closer to you emotionally while also inspiring him want to ravish you senseless is the KILLAH COMBO that will win a man’s heart.  When you accomplish both of these things, you have a high cherish quotient!


Love Help On Making Him Feel Safe Coming Closer Emotionally


A HUGE mistake a lot of women make is thinking that care taking will make a man feel emotionally safe coming closer.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  You aren’t going to win a man’s heart with caregiving!


If you think that a man is going to have a heart-to-heart emotional connection with you because you do things for him like cook for him, clean for him, buy him things, excuse his poor behavior because he is an addict or just plain immature– you are mistaken.


Love Help: Being the “Good Woman” Doesn’t Necessarily Add To Your Cherish Quotient


A man may appreciate these acts of service and kindness.  He may call you a “good woman” and brag about how good you are to him to his friends and family.  He may talk about how he SHOULD marry you because you’re good—heck he may have married you because you’re a good woman.  But being a good woman isn’t going to win a man’s heart—it may make him fall further in love, but it’s not going to do anything if he isn’t already madly in love.


Being a good woman is possibly going to maybe make him think twice before leaving you or cheating on you, depending on his conscience.  However, it may also make him think he can treat you like a doormat—depending on whether he’s compassionate and if you treat him better than you treat yourself.


It’s All About The Feelings You Can Prick & Provoke With Your Emotional Life


A heart-to-heart connection starts and ends with you’re ability to use your emotions to provoke feelings in him for you and for life, in general.  You’ll often hear me talking about making a man feel alive inside.  If you want to win a man’s heart, you have to make him feel like his moments with you are the moments in which he feels the most connected to his own existence.


Romantic love really isn’t about feeling something for another person as much as it’s a coveting and loving of the way another person makes you feel inside.  It can be about selfless acts and unconditional commitment if you both are mature and capable partners, but the foundation is selfish and based on stirred-up feelings.


Why Drama Queens Grab Men’s Attention


how to win a man's heart, connect with his heart, dating advice, dating tips, dating adviceI used to be a drama queen and boy, was I a headache.  I didn’t mean to be dramatic—no drama queen wants to be; however, I was such a whirlwind of spewed, uncontained emotion, it was probably exhausting to be around me.  However, I used to attract a lot of men—not for long, of course, because they would get tired of my antics.  I never won their hearts, but I certainly captured their interest and intrigue, and a lot of that was because I was dramatic.


Now—I’m NOT telling you to be a drama queen to win a man’s heart.  And if you are, keep reading my dating advice for women because these ways of relating that I’m going to talk about are far more effective than dramatics.   However, I first want to say that I mention drama queens because I want to explain why they attract men.


Drama queens make men feel alive inside.  Because they are so impulsive, sensitive and uncontained, it’s as if they are turning up the volume on his emotional states so high that he is able to feel himself through her drama.  Drama is infectious; the more you are around it, the more it stirs things up inside you and the next thing you know, you are taking a roller coaster ride with the dramatic person—experiencing their highs and lows.


Highs and lows are addictive.  I’m sure you’ve met a bad boy or two that set you off on an emotional roller coaster.  Getting away from toxic relationship problems is hard—we plug into the pain.


Make Him Feel Alive In A Safe Way To Win A Man’s Heart


You don’t have to take a man on a roller coaster ride to love you.  In fact, only the men who are damaged and terrified of commitment and love will stick around for the roller coaster.  You can win a man’s heart by helping him explore his depth through your vulnerability.


When you can be vulnerable with a man and show him a secret peek deep inside your heart, you open doors in his.  We learn about ourselves through our relationships and the more you can show a man that you are in touch with your feelings, can easily share your feelings and can deal with your feelings maturely and in a healthy way, the more you can show him how to process his own.


Men Have A Hard Time Processing Feelings


Men have been told since they were small to “man up”.  They don’t know how to tackle all their feelings.  Most of them lead with anger or self-loathing feelings because they don’t know how to process sad, or even tender, happy feelings.   When you can help him feel his own inner life, he won’t be able to forget you or be away from you.  You will be like a roadmap for him to get to his own heart.  That is when a connection happens– that’s when you win a man’s heart and stamp it with your name!


A simple talk about your feelings and your fears can lead to a major conversation about his own repressed feelings and emotional needs.  When you share your inner goddess world with him, a door inside him opens that can’t be closed again—it may terrify him, anger him, make him try to push you away…  But ultimately, it will magnetize him to you.


It will also make him want to ravish you senseless.


There Is Something About Our Vulnerability That Drives Men Crazy With Desire


how to win a man's heart, sensualityA recent study revealed that men are aroused by women who appear vulnerable.  Now, I don’t want you to be or appear weak or susceptible—that’s different.  When a woman is weak or susceptible, it makes her needy.


Most men think that vulnerable women are trouble. This study also revealed that these same men, who were attracted to photos of women in vulnerable poses, also said that they would never date these women.  The reason probably has to do with how draining a vulnerable woman can be when she doesn’t have a strong, malleable center that grounds her to the earth.


When you are an enchantress/goddess/siren you are vulnerable but you are NOT susceptible.  You are able to share you softer, tender loving feelings, but you aren’t a train wreck.  You aren’t a doormat or a needy wet blanket.  An enchantress is supple and soft hearted AND she knows when she is simply not going to tolerate bad treatment.  She also knows how to take care of her emotions and self-soothe and not claw at a man to make him take care of her uncontainable feelings.




To accomplish the other half of having a high cherish quotient, you have to make him want to ravish you senseless.  Though physical chemistry is thought to only be an inexplicable and natural thing, it can actually be cultivated.


To increase a man’s attraction for you and to win his heart , you should walk around on this earth like a goddess from another world who owns her sensuality.  When you can feel fluid, luscious, doughy, fluffy, and warm in your body– with heightened senses and a quiet mind that allows you to live in the moment– you can seduce a man.


A sensual woman who brings a man into the moment makes a man feel his own aliveness.  This makes him feel his own body and takes him out of his mind.  When this happens he is in the relaxed state for attraction to build.  His body feel alive, he is lost in you and the moment and arousal builds.


You don’t have to be beautiful with a dynamo body.  You just have to own the body and looks you do have.  You have to walk in your curves and not have abusive thoughts about your self-image.  You have to take care of your looks by indulging yourself with luxurious and yummy-smelling perfume oils, body lotions and body washes.


You don’t have to wear a lot of makeup or get tarted-up.  You just have to do what you can to feel good about yourself.  Forget about obsessing over what he will think; wear what makes you feel sexy inside.  When you feel good about what you are wearing—he feels good around you because you have more confidence and freedom to let loose in the moment.


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