If You Want to Get Him to Propose, Enhance Your Feminine Allure

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If you want to get him to propose to you, but you feel like he is on the fence about “forever”, you may just need a slight boost in your Feminine Allure to seal the deal.


A lot of men hesitate to marry because they think they have a great gal on their hands but aren’t necessarily head-over-heels attracted to her.  They worry that they may miss out on REAL passion if they marry her.


If your man feels this way (good way to know is if he is CRAZY about sex with you and can’t stop touching your curves all the time), then here’s a few ways to boost your Feminine Allure and possibly get that ring:


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Get Him to Propose: Use the Jellyfish Image


Men don’t want to be with other men who happen to have vaginas.  They want soft, sensual, silly, sexy, playful, vulnerable women who will make them feel comfortable with the idea of “only sex with her for the rest of my life”.  The best way to increase your silkiness (that’s what I call it because you want to be as inviting, soft, sexy and yummy as silk) is to imitate a jellyfish.


Jellies are soft bodied and mostly composed of water.  Their fluid moments are almost sensual.  Next time you are around your man, try to concentrate, for a moment, on relaxing your body tension and allowing yourself to melt into the air around you.  Feel your heart soft and warm in your chest and your face soft and glowy.  This will help you touch him more lovingly, kiss him more passionately, relax into his touch more…  It will make you so easy to be close to and so attractive to him.


Get Him to Propose: Wear clothes that make you feel playful and girlie in your heart.


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Put away the stiff jeans, boots, black tank tops and pencil skirts.  Those are hot and sexy, but men need flowing, soft and colorful sometimes.  Wearing these clothes will not only make him see you differently and make him crave you, it will make YOU feel different wearing them.  A soft summer dress that hugs your curves may be just what he needs to feel more attracted to you.


Get Him to Propose: Stop playing the “buddy card”  


It’s important that your man and you have a solid friendship if you are to marry, however, men aren’t attracted to a pal-type girlfriend.  If he makes little effort to impress you with new clothes, a clean shave, a fancy dinner, and instead spends his time with you doing buddy things like errands together or watching movies side-by-side all the time on the ‘ol couch, it’s time to spice things up.  Tell him you want to have a dinner date together at a nice restaurant.  Dress up to the nines and treat him like you are his hired escort.  I know that sounds weird, but that will help you feel more “dirty girl”.  It will make you walk sexier and will make you more sexual around him.  Even ask him how much he’s willing to pay for a fun time later.  Be bold and sassy about it.


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Men and women are different.  Women think practically when making a decision about marriage: he’s got a good job, he’s nice, he’s patient.  Men think with their penises: am I crazy about her now and will I be later?  Now, hot sex alone isn’t going to do the trick.  It’s about emotional intimacy, too.  Emotional intimacy KEEPS him attracted! That’s where the jellyfish and the soft clothes come into play.  The more soft, vulnerable and feminine you feel inside, the more you will open up to him about your delicate feelings.  This will allow him to open up, too, and the rest is history.


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