How To Invite Love Into Your Life

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Take time over your morning coffee to ask yourself what you want and to embrace change!

Looking for the answer to how to invite love into your life?  Maybe you just want to attract some good guys to casually date?


Well, morning is a beautiful time of day to begin this journey.   It’s full of hope and new beginnings. It’s also a very important time of day for personal development. The thoughts and feelings we have in the morning set a precedent for the way we feel the whole day through. Positive, mindful morning energy can bleed into the evening and bless everyone we meet throughout the day… including eligible, single men!


Here are 3 things to do in the morning to inspire a beautiful, happy, love-inviting day:


1. Decide on one positive behavior you want to infuse into all your connections with men that day.


When I coach women, I like to redefine love with them. I tell women to STOP thinking about love as a feeling in your heart and START thinking about love as a connection, where a two people give to and receive from other another loving treatment that aids the wellbeing of the recipient.


I help women awaken to their behavior in relationships and ask them to focus on treating men the way they want to be treated back.


In the mornings, think about one loving treatment (Sincerity, Silliness, Trust, Motivation) that you would love to receive from a man and stay conscious throughout your day, making sure you put that treatment into every interaction you can with men.


Example: You choose Compassion.


With every man you come into contact when, try to be compassionate toward him in some way. Give the lonely, bored security guard in your office building a warmth smile. Ask your male boss about his family and really care about his response. Offer to help a stressed coworker out with a project.


Take time to start WITNESSING YOUR BEHAVIOR in interactions with men. You may find that the treatment you desperately want to receive may not be so easy to dish out. And guess what? If you want a man with a certain personality style, you should expect the same from yourself.


2. Find one way to love on YOU


Ask yourself in the morn, as you sip a warm, toasty cup of Joe and the birds begin to sing outside your kitchen window, what you need emotionally, physically, spiritual that day from a love relationship with a man. And then find a way to fulfill it for yourself.


I love to be held by my man. When I was single and craving a manly caress, I’d allow myself time in a bubble bath almost every night. I loved to treat myself to luxurious bath salts and lie in the tub feeling embraced and comforted by the warm, tingly water and fluffy tickly bubbles.


The more you do for yourself, the less you NEED a man. When you feel deep loneliness, you begin to covet men and you do it early on in a dating relationship. A man doesn’t want to feel like your lifesaver, so do what you can for you, so that you can be someone who adds to his life, instead of pulls him down with an overload of needs.


3. Think of One Thing that makes you happy and celebrate it with written words.


I’m a huge fan of journaling your feelings. I think every woman of every age would benefit from writing in a love diary. Writing things down brings them into your conscious mind and allows you to heal past wounds and invite new beginnings faster than if you just think about them.


And there’s nothing more self-empowering then writing about what makes you feel happy to be alive.


Pick something, anything and write three sentences about why that one thing inspires bliss in your heart.


It could be the sunshine, the way your dog tilts her head when she’s trying to understand what you are saying, the way a first kiss feels…


Whatever it is, celebrate its beauty and pocket the yummy, happy vibe it creates in your heart at that moment when you are writing about it. Take that pocketed feeling into your day and whenever you feel stressed, down, or angry, breathe deep and let that vibe flow through you once again.


See, the little moments of happiness we create for ourselves start to add up and our perspective on life begins to slowly, subtly shift to a lighter, sillier, more hopeful place.


This light, positive place is where your heart needs to be to magnetize a quality man who wants to celebrate life with someone who brightens his days, instead of a wounded man who wants to drag you down.


You may still attract a wounded man with lightness (a shadow needs a bright light), but you will know well the small, unassuming, tender, and blessed gifts that happiness brings and you won’t be at all interested in the heavy anchor of a wounded man’s emotional pain that drowns a gal in heartache.


Wake up with enough time to enjoy your mornings, take time for you and your dreams, and be gentle with yourself over a healthy, yummy breakfast. Create the kind of morning energy in your home and heart that invites love into your life to feel safe, calm, and inspired to go out into the world anew.


See, if you build it, he will come.  That’s the secret to how to invite love into your life: building confidence brick by brick!


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