Goddess Love: Tips To A Happier, More Attractive You!

self-love, self-acceptance, feeling like you aren't enough

Self-acceptance is the main lesson of life.  When you find a way to accept your weaknesses and own your strengths, you not only feel grounded and happy, but you attract a higher caliber of men. You become a goddess!  Self-love releases you from the chains of not feeling like you are enough and allows you celebrate love instead of chase relationship problems!


The Key To Self-Love– You Are The Same As Everyone Else


Self-love starts with knowing that you are, as Marianne Williamson puts in in her book, Return To Love, both special and not special.  You are uniquely you and yet you are the same as everyone else.  All of us are energy.  We are all born in the eyes of God (or, if you aren’t religious, from the miraculousness of the universe.) No one person is more special than the next.  We are each equal portioned bits of humanity.


When you can stop listening to you ego, which makes you want to  feel important, you can start listening to your heart, which makes you want to extend love and share in loving connections, then you can build self-love.  Self-love can’t exist in a body that houses a ego-driven mind.


Happiness Is An Inside Job


In Marci Shimoff’s new book, How To Be Happy For No Reason, it explains how everyone has a happiness set-point and that our brains are wired to always return to this neurochemical set-point after spikes and dips.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how great your relationship, how successful and famous you get or how great of a guy you “snag”, your happiness set point stays constant.


When you can understand that a certain man or type of relationship can’t change your overall level of happiness and thus can’t give you anything that you don’t already have inside you, you can stop giving your power to men and can start the journey to self-love.


Everything you want from a man– all that love that you think he has that is going to change your life—you already have it inside you.  You have so much love inside.  You are a ball of loving light and energy and when you can embrace your Light, you can begin to raise your happiness set point.  When you can forgive yourself and forgive men for their limitations… when you can sit in your hollowness and feel your existential pain… when you can stay calm, loving and grounded in your center… you can alter your brain wiring and reset your happiness set-point.


Surges Of Loving Energy Can Produce Self-Love


What makes you feel cozy inside?…  A kitty?  A warm cup of coffee?  The perfect meal?  Think about the small things that give you momentary happiness and then hold onto that loving surge of warm, comfy, giggly happiness.  Whenever you are feeling down and hard on yourself, don’t fight the negative dark thoughts– give into them, but also think about the small things that make you happy.  When surges of loving energy start to fill your body, the darkness will subside.


These surges of love will actually soothe your negative thoughts and make you feel more accepting of yourself.  It works better than mantras, because it’s hard to believe a mantra when you are down on yourself.  But when you can simply feel surges of love when thinking about the simple things that bring you pleasure, you alleviate the emotional heaviness that comes with dark, self-judging thoughts.  Suddenly, you feel lighter, calmer, more centered, blessed to be alive and happier in your heart.  These feelings allow self-love to blossom.


In my eBook, Red Rose Woman: The Enchantress Inside You, I offer GODDESS LOVE HELP & talk about opening your little girl heart to men who deserve you!  Your little girl heart is the part of you that’s all-trusting and 100% selfless and vulnerable.  When you can “unbutton” your heart, you become enchanting with men.  They then want to laugh with you, take care of you, learn about their own emotions through you and just be around you all the time.  The program offers several ways to heal past traumas and other emotion-blockers and gives you tips to step into your little girl heart easily and quickly.

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