Slept With Him Too Soon? How To Make Him Fall In Love Anyway

slept with him too soon


If you want to make him fall in love, it’s best not to have slept with him too soon.  It’s hard for a man to change his mind about your relationship if sex happens early on.  If you’ve already rassled together, it’s best to be upfront and courageous about expressing your true needs.  Read on…


Let me first say that I have no negative opinion whatsoever about women who sleep around.  I make no judgments; I sometimes even WISH I could be more like a man and separate hot sex from emotional attachment.  That would have made my single years a hell of a lot more fun.   I do, however, want to make sure that women know what they REALLY want out from a man when they decide to jump under the sheets with him.


Yes, Men Can Fall In Love Even If You Slept Together Too Soon


Look, there are plenty of men who have no problem falling for a woman who gives it up right away.  When you and a man have that instant “thunderbolt”, as the French call it, and the connection occurs right of the bat, he may be one of those guys who give two crappolas if you sleep together in the first days of knowing one another.


The problem is not that his opinion of you will change (which it could) if you sleep with him too soon, the problem is that YOUR needs could change.  When you sleep with a man from the jump, please, please, please don’t have any expectations about that relationship.  Don’t even assume that he will call you AND if he does call, please don’t assume that it’s for anything more than more hot sex.  I’m not saying it won’t be, I’m just saying don’t expect anything.


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What Do I Do Once I’ve Already Slept With Him Too Soon?


Okay, so you’re reading this and going, “Well, this isn’t helping me, Kristina, because I already gave the booty up and now I’m waiting by the phone with serious regret and desperation.” 


The best advice I can give you is to be honest and direct and to immediately put up your personal boundaries. 


I know that it may seem hard to tell a guy “no” after you’ve already told him “Yes.  Yes YES.  YES!!!!!”, but just because it seems strange to put up your boundaries now with him, it’s still the right choice.  It’s also the most effective choice if you want to know if he has ANY intention of seriously dating you.  Because, like I said, if you just stay mum and hope that he will “see the light”, you are going to be disappointed.  It’s best you find out NOW if he REALLY likes you or if he just took that free milk!


WAIT FOR HIM TO CALL and tell him flat-out how you feel and what he’s to expect from you:


“I feel really uneasy.  I like you and think you’re a great guy and after we slept together I realized that I don’t want to just have a sexual relationship with someone I like.  I don’t want to end up hurt.  I don’t know your intentions, but I just want to be honest and tell you this.”


And then shut up and hear him out.  If he actually likes you (or is capable of having a real relationship with a woman who is emotionally available) then he will be relieved and tell you that he doesn’t intend to just use you for sex.  He will express his desire to know you on a more serious level.


If you never hear from him again, just be happy that you didn’t waste your time.


And whatever you do, don’t keep repeating the same pattern.  You aren’t going to find your husband and make him fall in love by ripping off your panties the first chance you get.  Even if he still likes you after first -night sex, it will be a rare anomaly and will have had nothing to do with the fact that you gave it up right away. So why not wait a few dates (five is a good date number)!


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(If you have a hard time slowing things down with men and always seem to get drunk and/or give it up too fast on a date, it could be that you have a lot of anxiety about intimacy and getting close to someone.  When we fear judgment and get anxious about the idea of really caring about someone who could deeply hurt our hearts, we sabotage things just to alleviate the anxiety.  If you do this, please see a therapist.  Intimacy issues are very curable and you don’t have to feel so afraid of closeness! I should know, I’ve been there.)


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  1. Jan says:

    I would really like some advice. I told them man that I was crazy about that I wanted to date to discover with more than one man. I liked him so much I just dated him and then had sex right away. Maybe like three times. Now he pulled back. He now claims that he doesn’t have the time for me and that it is ok for me to date others. Prior to this he told me how connecting and making time is really important. His last email said something like this ” if I have some free time maybe we can get together.” This was after I told him that we are both free to see others but I would love for him to put his tired head on my lap. He claimed that he now has to work so hard he doesn’t have time to date me. I told me I deserve more. How can I turn this situation around? I really like him. We had three weeks of really fun dates and he even gifted me with something he made.

    Kristian do you have any advice for me to get him back? Do I persist and ask when will he have ” free time” Do I offer to work for him so I can get paid and see him on the job, Do I go get the pictures he took of me and my child and tell him that I want to post my picture on the net since I am now single again. He told me he wants to see me but really shouldn’t because it isn’t fair to me.


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