emotionally unavailable men

How To Know If You’re A Good Fit For Emotionally Unavailable Men (What To Expect)

No two people are the same (not even identical twins who share the same genes); however, unemotional people seem to share certain characteristics.  Usually people who are emotionally unavailable have a hard time getting close to someone, trusting someone, having empathy, committing to someone and even being trustworthy.  If you are going to take on […]

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Stop Trying To Save Damaged Men!

 Stop rescuing damaged men!  Find one who wants to be your hero– willing to enter the dangerous flames of intimacy to keep you happy!   If you are trying to save damaged men at the expense of your health and happiness—working too hard to make a man’s life better and make him feel loved because he […]

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“Is He Toxic for Me, Or Am I Just Hyper-Sensitive?”

Sometimes it’s tough when you are plagued with the question “Is he toxic for me?!”   It could, after all, just be that the relationship is just in a state of need!   A love relationship where the pain of loving that person overtakes the positive aspects of the love you share is what I call […]