Dating Advice For Women: What Do Men Look For In A Wife?

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Asking the question, what do men look for in a wife is like asking what do people look for in a family pet.  Men have different tastes and different ideas of what defines a partnership.  Just like how some families prefer a low-maintenance goldfish over a high-maintenance Daschund —one man’s dream gal could be another man’s nightmare date.


What Do Men Look For In A Wife?  Calm.


Regardless of the various tastes in women out there, the two things I do think most men look for in a wife are consistency and serenity.  Most men tire quickly of women who are moody and overemotional.  Think about your own perferences in relationships?  Don’t you enjoy the company of friends who put you at ease and are easy to be with?


So what stops a woman from exhibiting consistently serene emotions and a calm vibe?… Answer– Investing too much time and energy in things you can’t control and things that are negative. 


Pacify Your Anxiety, Embrace Goddess Energy & Surrender


You can’t control a man’s behavior and his feelings.  You can’t control the fact that you don’t know what he’s really thinking.  You can ask him but at a certain point you have to stop prying/assuming and surrender control over managing him and the relationship.


You CAN control your behavior and you can share your feelings and needs.  You can communicate honestly and directly with a man and you can make the decision not to pursue a relationship that doesn’t work for you.


Take A Moment NOW To Surrender…


Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  When you release your breath, allow your need to control to leave your body with the air.  Repeat to yourself that you don’t have power over any one man’s will and feelings and that you have to respect the wishes and needs of every man. 


Tell yourself over and over that what a man looks for in a wife is less important that the question, what do I look for in a husband?  Remind yourself that you have the power to choose, instead of thinking that a certain man is your only option.


Make a promise to yourself that you will prioritize SELF-LOVE– that you will worry less about a man’s reasons and more about your choices.  Tell yourself that you will express your feelings to men instead of waste time and energy asking friends what they think men are thinking.  Tell yourself that you will make the decision to believe what men tell you and not have blind faith that they love you when they say they aren’t interested.


Dating Advice For Women:  Don’t Listen To Pheromones!


What do men look for in a wife?  Someone who knows her personal boundaries and treats men how she wants to treat them instead of how she thinks she has to treat them to keep their interest.


Don’t get caught up in forcing love with some guy you’d rate a 10.  A guy is a 10 when he treats you like a 12!


When you aren’t crazy about a guy, it’s easy to be yourself and demand that he honor your inner goddess.  That confidence should exist no matter who the guy is and what he looks like.  Even if he seems like the man who was put on Earth just for you by God, don’t start wearing the “soulmate crown” before he bestows it on you.


Make a promise to date a few guys at once and to treat the hotties and the “meh”s the same.  Focus on believing in your desirability and not on proving yourself to any man.  Have faith that you are enough without having to do anything to make a man compelled to want you.


If you feel stressed out because of a man and are wondering to yourself– what do men look for in a wife– check out my eBook Red Rose Woman to help liberate you from your worries!  In the book, I will share my 27 Enchantress Secrets with you and help you embrace your inner goddess!  The book’s dating advice for women is all about empowerment and self-love.  It’s all about acting like the woman in the relationship and allowing men to woo and pursue you.  It’s also about knowing when to say; “This men is dwindling my Fire and I deserve more!”



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