What Makes Men Fall In Love?

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A man falls in love with a woman who makes him feel emotionally safe.  He falls for a woman who makes him feel like he can take his “man armor” off when he is with her.


So few men actually experience this kind of connection with a woman.  Clueless as to what this kind of safe relationship looks like and feels like, many men make checklists.


 Men Don’t Know What Makes Men Fall In Love


So many women think that SHOWING a man how great she is will hook him.  And to these womens’ credit, most men feed this “performance.”


Like I said earlier, most men don’t know what it is that they truly desire in a relationship; therefore, it makes sense that women wouldn’t be doing the right things to capture a man’s love.  Society has become the spokesman for what men THINK they want.  Society is telling women to obsess over their looks, their cooking skills and their resumes.


Knowing that a man needs to feel emotionally safe above all else gives you a huge advantage over all other women in the dating pool.  It makes you the unique woman who can do something that few women can.  It makes you stand out and it makes him unable to forget you.


Be The Love Guide & Show Him What Love Feels Like


The only way to make a man feel safe with you is to feel safe with him.  Sure, you may not know him well enough to trust him with your raw vulnerability, but feeling safe with men in the way I mean is something you can do with every man you meet.


When you can express your feelings openly and honestly, you show men that you feel safe with them.  When you are the same person on the inside as you are on the outside (meaning you share your feelings and thoughts with him), you’re exposing your heart to men in a way that brings them closer.


Once you open up, a man starts opening up and an emotional connection is created.  This emotional connection is what makes men fall in love.  It makes him CRAVE you.  It makes him want to be around you and be touched by you.  You become the first person he wants to call when he has a problem or some great news he wants to share.  You become the woman he lusts after and can’t wait to make love to.  You become his best friend and his savory lover all at once.


You Have To Be A Zip Line Expert  & Take Him On A Journey


You have to know how to zip line straight to a man’s “essence” so that his whole body and mind relax when he is around you.  The zip line is your vulnerability. Making him feel safe isn’t about playing his psychologist or helpful friend who is always there for his needs and wants.  Making him feel safe is about YOU and what you are willing to share of yourself.


If you can reveal your vulnerability to him, everything will change.


You can’t just share your thoughts, ideas and beliefs with him—you have to express how things touch your soul.  You have to take him on a journey through your inner emotional life with every topic you discuss with him.


This is a minute shift in the way you communicate with him.  It will loosen you up and make you less brittle.  It will take you out of your head and into your softness.  It will make your voice less harsh and your stories more inviting.  It will make your touch soothing instead of needy.  It will make him melt.


You will laugh more.  You will cry more.  You will smile.  You will pout.  You’ll be a more multi-dimensional human being and he will feel all his dimensions through you.  He will also feel like you trust him.  This will make him feel strong. 


It will also make him feel softer.  Love is about feelings.  It’s romance and poetry.  It’s not about checklists and egos.  To make him fall in love he has to associate his connection with you to feeling his softer, more romantic and poetic side.


Now, you have to share your feelings in a way that doesn’t make you dramatic or overbearing.  You have to “own” your feelings and express them with ease and confidence.  My eBook, Red Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You, will show you how to do this.  Its 27 “enchantress secrets” will guide you toward the goddess inside your soul who is sensual, emotional, soft, inviting and glistening with poetry and aliveness.  She knows what makes men fall in love.

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